Joan Blinn, LMT


A graduate of what is now Missouri State University, Joan taught biology for Strafford Public Schools for 29 years. During her last few years of teaching, Joan developed an auto-immune disease. She sought help from her rheumatologist, but it was through massage, reiki, and Qigong (pronounced che-kung) that she not only found relief from the majority of her symptoms, but she also began a journey of health and wellness that led to her current profession. 


Able to bid farewell to her rheumatologist after a year, Joan realized that she wanted to share her journey to health with her co-workers. The healing she found through massage was the answer to a prayer – not only for her own well-being, but also for her desire to help others following her retirement. 


She graduated from Professional Massage Training Center in Springfield in 2002. And that’s when the real work began. 


Joan is one of only a few massage therapists in the Springfield-Branson area to complete the 500-hour certification process for the ancient Chinese technique Qigong. A form of Taoist preventive medicine, 


Qigong restores integrity to our organs, which helps eliminate pain and prevent disease. In addition, this technique cultivates calmness, restores harmony, and balances the neural system, allowing clients to learn to relax -- key in the alleviation of stress. 


As Joan explains, “Stress can happen to anybody. When you’re in wellness, you can handle that stress more easily. When you are stressed, if you have no avenue for release, it goes into the body and causes dis-ease. By getting rid of the stress, you can lessen the likelihood of diseases settling into the body. As we learn to relax our bodies during high stress situations, we learn to balance the emotions we feel, as

well as the physical responses.”


This is why the key to health lies in finding a balance on all levels – the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Believing that finding balance in each of these areas can cure almost any disease, Joan works with her clients on an individual basis to create a wellness plan based on their needs. She provides relaxation and therapeutic massage, utilizing a variety of techniques; but her specialty is medical Qigong and neuroenergetic therapy.  


While many see massage therapy as a luxury, Joan has experienced first-hand the healing effects and knows how important it can be to one’s wellness plan: “It is a necessity toward achieving the balance needed in one’s life.”


With 10 years of massage experience and consistently more than the required number of continuing education units required by the state each year, Joan would like to help you begin your path to wellness. 


Nationally certified through NCTMB; MO License Number 2002020025

"I would like to express my sincerest appreciation to each of you for entrusting me with your massage therapy needs for the past 10 years. With your health as my goal, it has been a privilege to work with you and to know you have had confidence in my ability to help you find relief, comfort, and relaxation."